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December 30 2012

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this moment when I can hear the rustle of opening wrapping up with the food
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November 22 2012

Dean: The cracks in the universe…is that…is that where all of the shit we’ve been fighting our whole lives…that where it comes from?
Doctor: Some of it yes, some of it no. It’s more…complicated than that—
Dean: Then start explaining! I want to know what Sam saw, I want to know what Amy saw, I want to know what Cas knows because I need to understand. More than anything, I need that. 
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November 19 2012

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November 03 2012

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Dean is thinking ‘Doc, I swear.. If you hit my baby one more time with your stupid box, I will rip you apart!’

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October 24 2012

October 21 2012

why the suit?

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October 10 2012

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October 09 2012

Guys, I did it. I learned how to wite "It's funnier in Enochian" in Gallifreyan. I'm awesome.
— przypadkowa
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September 30 2012

You okay there, Doctor Who Fandom?
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September 28 2012

you know what would be the coolest though a tattoo of ‘it’s funnier in enochian’ in gallifreyan 

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September 25 2012

reasons why I love Mark Sheppard

MARK SHEPPARD: I've sat on John Barrowman's lap. I don't know who was happier.
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September 08 2012

“You wanna send me back too huh? Well bring it on you son of a bitch!” 
 AU - Sam is sent back in time by a Weeping Angel
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Three fandoms to rule them all.
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August 27 2012

Amy is sent to purgatory with Dean and Cas
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August 25 2012

August 11 2012

June 25 2012

“And what’s so good about sad?”

“It’s happy, for deep people"

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June 20 2012

June 10 2012

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